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Firstly, i'd like to apologise for the lack of posts last week, i've been struck down with a terrible cold and was practically bed bound for 4 days...NOT FUN. Anyway I'm feeling a bit better and back with a massive big juicy post for you to feast your peepers on! 

This coming saturday is going to be super exciting as its PHOTOSHOOT DAY!! As part of our coursework at uni, we have to plan and organise every aspect of a fashion shoot to be published in this years Robert Gordon fashion magazine! Exciting huh?! I can't give too much away yet, but somehow I've ended up being my groups model so saturday is going to consist of me frolicking in the sea, posing on the sand, and generally being FREEZING cold on the beach! After having a makeup and hair trial with Maddie yesterday, we came up with sort of an edgy, mermaid-esque look which leads me on to this post as I thought it could double as a last minute halloween tutorial for any of you lovely ladies who haven't thought of an outfit for tomorrow yet! So, without further a do, lets get started!

Prior to this tutorial, I've already applied my foundation, concealer, blusher and filled in my eyebrows. I've also included links to the websites of every product mentioned in this post.

We're going to start by applying a base to the eyelid to prime our eyes before the eye shadow.
I've chosen two of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadow, in "Turquoise Forever" and  "Eternal Silver",  starting with the silver colour on the inner corner of your eye and the turquoise colour on the outer corner.

Next I'm taking the colour "Virgin" from Urban Decay's Naked Palette and placing it on the inner corner of my eye, on top of that silver base we just applied.
Then, taking the colour "Flipside", also by Urban Decay, I'm applying this to my outer corner.

Next I'm taking the colour "deep truth" by MAC on a small shader brush and drawing a sharp line on the crease of my eye. Im also going to drag this colour out into a slight wing to make the look more dramatic.

Taking a blending brush, I'm running it all over my eye to blend in the colours and get rid of any super harsh lines. Im also running that "deep truth" colour under my eye on the lash line.

Next, line your upper lash line with liquid eyeliner and apply false eyelashes (optional).

Finally for the eyes, apply mascara to blend your false lashes into your natural lashes and apply the "virgin" colour we used at the start to highlight our brow bone. This is also optional but I lined my waterline with Barry M's Shimmering Eye and Lip Crayon in number 4, to make my eyes look bigger and more awake!

Moving on to the lips, I'm lining them with Maybelline's Colour Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadow in "Turquoise Forever" (the base we used on our eyes at the start) and slightly smudging it down towards the centre of my lips. Next, I'm filling in the rest of my lips with  Barry M's Shimmering Eye and Lip Crayon in number 4.

Now for the fun part! Using a foundation brush, I'm applying, again, Maybelline's Colour Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadow, this time in the colour "Eternal Silver", over one side of my face and blending it down onto my cheekbone. Next, taking a square of cross stitch fabric, I picked up at HobbyCraft, I'm securing it with a kirby grip at the top of my head, and using a small square of tape, taping it down onto my neck.

Taking an eyeshadow brush and the two turquoise and blue eyeshadows we used on our eyes earlier, I'm running the brush over the squares, starting with the dark blue colour at my hairline, fading into the turquoise colour onto my cheeks. When you remove the cross stitch fabric, your face should look something like this...

Lastly, taking some self adhesive gems, also from HobbyCraft, I'm randomly sticking them on top of my "scales." If you're having trouble making them stick to your face, you can apply a small dot of eyelash glue to the gem and that will help it stay in place all night.

And thats it for the makeup...MERMAIDALICIOUS!

Since I am ridiculously poor at the moment, I do not have the money to go out and buy a brand new mermaid costume to go with my makeup, SO, being a fashion student, I managed to dig out some clothes that I already own from my wardrobe and turn myself into a DIY mermaid!

My blue shirt is from Forever 21 and both my skirt and my leggings are from H&M.

I hope I've given you who haven't decided on a halloween costume some inspiration for tomorrow, or maybe some inspiration for an upcoming fancy dress party? Either way I hope you've found this post helpful and enjoyable!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Have a wonderful day/night tomorrow and stay safe!

Lots of love,
Stay classy

Suz x


OOTD/London goodies/Most adorable grandpa EVER.

Hey dolls!

I’ve got another little OOTD for you, or maybe I should say OOYD because this was yesterdays outfit! 

I thought this outfit was just adorable, pairing a bright skater skirt with a cream sweater and wedges looks super cute! And not forgetting the thick tights since of course, its winter now :(

For shoes and accessories I kept it very simple, a single pearl charm bracelet and black wedges keeps this look suitable for everyday wear. I think i’ll definitely be pairing girly skirts with chunky knits a lot this season-warm yet glamorous! Perfect!

Deciding to trek home for a visit the weekend just past was definitely a smart move on my part! My parents had just returned home from a trip to london which could only mean one thing...GOODIES!!! Being the best, most perfect daughter ever, I think they felt compelled to treat me with material goods to thank me for my existence...KIDDING, I am very greatful for the presents!

I’ve been DYING for a little something from the Marilyn Monroe collection from MAC for agesssss, so I was thrilled when I saw this blush in the goody bag! It’s such a pretty colour-definitely my new go-to everyday blusher! 

And how CUTE is the blusher brush? Am I right?!

The final little treat was this liberty print tape measure, so gorgeous and fits perfectly with the course i’m doing at uni! 


To top off a lovely weekend, my mum cooked us all sunday dinner, which was the icing on the cake for my visit home. DELICIOUS!

Lets all take a moment to appreciate how adorable my grandpa looks AWWWWWW!!

Thats all for now,
until next time....

Stay classy,
Suz x

OOTD/Breakfast of champs/Life as a brunette.

Last night, right before my head hit the pillow, I told Kyle that tomorrow we had "to do something nice so I can wear a cute outfit and then blog about it" Sure enough, this ended up in us sitting in Frankie and Benny's this morning demolishing a breakfast of champions.

So for todays outfit, I decided to adopt another trend which has been seen all over the catwalk this season, Military Chic. Yes ladies, military is back and it's lean, mean and sexier than ever!

As seen above, Max Mara, Victoria Beckham, Alexander McQueen and Burberry all stood attention, sending one military-inspired look after another marching down the runway. We can see that this look is all about structured jackets, sharp tailoring, gold buttons and cameo prints.

After finding all of my inspiration from the runway and my fav celeb fashionistas, I pieced together this outfit:

[jacket-topshop, jumper-new look, jeans-hollister, shoes-topshop, scarf-primark]

The camouflage jacket and black studded shoes both from Topshop definitely encapture the "tough and tailored girl" which this trend focuses on. Since it's getting a bit chillier outside,  I added this mustard scarf from Primark...only £4 CAN YOU BELIEVE?! I think the scarf keeps it casual yet is still in keeping with the muted colour palette. 

Celebrities such as Fern Cotton and Miley Cyrus have been seen rocking the camouflage jacket recently, so when I wear mine I have to say I do feel like a bit of a star...

LASTLY, y'all may or may not have noticed but...i'm a brunette now! After buying new hair extensions and them being slightly more on the brown side than blonde, I decided to take the plunge and dye my real hair darker. The saying is "blondes have more fun" but I have to say, life as a brunette is pretty sweet!

Until next time...
Stay classy,
Suz x


All Hail Queen Lovato.

Anyone who knows me well enough will know that my number one girl crush, style crush and all round crush is Demi Lovato. Ever since she graced the Disney Channel with her role in Camp Rock, I have been OBSESSED with her. Not only is she exceptionally talented but I feel like she is a fantastic role model for girls of all ages, especially recently since she has spoken out about her personal issues and struggles which a lot of girls, including myself, have suffered from. Now, I could go on for hours on end about how amazing Miss Lovato is, but the main point of this post is her STYLE. I am completely in awe of Demi’s fashion sense and she is definitely my number one style icon. I constantly look to her for fashion guidance and new outfit ideas. 

Flashback to a few years ago and Demi’s style was very basic, she tended to stay away from colour and was often seen in dark clothes, with dark hair and very heavy makeup:

Only recently has she come into her own and really developed an amazing sense of style, sporting looks that are bang on trend. Here are a few of my recent favourites...

UGH LOOK AT HER. Flawlesss right? FLAWLESS.

Demi has got all of this seasons trends on point: the grunge glam look, winter florals, powerful prints, killer heals and lots and lots of leather! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Another thing that is so fabulous about Demi’s outfit choices recently is that a lot of them seem to be from the high street’s very own...Topshop! This is good news to any Demi style worshipers out there as we don’t have to fork out thousands of pounds for replica outfits when we can just pop into our nearest Topshop and pick up the same thing (for only a couple of hundred!) Alas, if you are a cash strapped student like me and can’t afford to go into topshop every couple of days to pick up a new Demi outfit, you can easily select things from your own wardrobe that mimic her style. I am constantly trying to emulate Demi’s style from clothes that I already own (and admittedly forget about!) Here are a few examples of Demi Lovato a la Suzy:

Finally, i'd like to mention This is a FANTASTIC website for helping you recreate not only Demi’s, but hundreds of other celebrities outfits, showing you where to buy them, how much they are, or similar items to help you imitate their style. The website seems to be down at the moment, but heres a link to their tumblr which showcases the same thing.

Thats all for now my lovelies, i’m off to flip my hair, be fierce and sing Demi Lovato songs into my hairbrush in front of the mirror...

Stay classy,
Suz x

ps, i'm a brunette now holllaaaa!


OOTD/ anniversary shenanigans

Hello beauties!

As you may or may not know, today was my one year anniversary with my boyfriend Kyle. After a busy day filled with celebration and adorableness, I thought I'd take a quiet moment to blog about my outfit choice for this special day. I am totally IN LOVE with the whole "grunge glam"trend that has appeared this season and thought i'd embrace it in my outfit!

The dress I'm wearing is part of H&M's "La Noire" collection, beautifully modelled by the AMAZING Lana Del Rey. The whole collection is exquisite and I keep finding myself wandering into H&M for "a look" yet end up leaving with 3 bags filled with clothes... Anyway, if you haven't already seen it, here's a peek at the collection.


Moving back to my OOTD, I grunged up the look by adding my favourite things right now, spikes and studs. 

The necklace and shoes (both from Topshop) toughen up the look and give it a more edgy feel which I love.

Thats all for now, I hope your day has been as lovely as mine...

Stay classy,
Suz x

[all images used in this post can be found here]


The Suzy Sock Bun Secret...

The “ballerina bun” is a hairstyle which will never be off trend. Its effortlessly chic and classic look makes it a favourite amongst celebrities such as Demi Lovato and Kate Bosworth.

If you have long, thick, luscious locks, this look can be easily achieved however, if you’re like me and have the thinest of thin hair, it can be a bit more difficult. BUT FEAR NOT ladies, help is at hand! I am going to show you how you can achieve this simple top knot bun with just a sock...thats right, a sock! The “suzy sock bun” has become a MASSIVE success amongst my friends. After them asking how my bun always looks so perfect, I decided to share my secret, and now, I'm about to share it with you! The sock bun technique will work on all types of hair, whether its short, long, thick, thin, and can be achieved in just 30 seconds! Perfect for those mornings you just want that extra 10 minutes in bed...

You will need...

Firstly we need to begin by preparing the sock. Cut the tip off an old, (yet preferably clean!) sock then begin to fold it down over on itself to create a “donut” shape.

Now lets get started. Begin by tying your hair up in a pony tail. The higher the pony tail is, the higher up the bun will be positioned on your head, keep this in mind when using this technique.

Ok here comes the tricky bit! Once you master this step (it may take a few practices), you can  pretty much do the suzy sock bun with your eyes closed! Its THAT simple! 
Start by positioning the sock over your hair bobble and then dragging it down to the ends of your hair.

Tuck the ends of your hair over the outside of the sock and then start folding the sock down on itself spreading the hair round as you go. You’ll find your hair will go into the sock very easily. I understand this step can be very confusing so if you are having trouble, start watching this video from 4 minutes in where Loepsie (the girl that taught me that socks can be used for so much more than keeping your feet warm) will hopefully give you a clearer understanding of how to complete this step.

Once your hair is securely in the bun, start rearranging and repositioning your hair to ensure the sock isn’t visible, you can also loosen up the hair if you want a more relaxed, messier look or use hair grips to pin parts of the bun down if you want a more harsh/edgy look.

Finally, tame any fly away hairs with some hairspray and you’re all set, the sock bun is complete!

I hope this little step by guide step was helpful and if you try the suzy sock bun, let me know how you get on!

Have a wonderful friday you lot, stay classy,
Suz x
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