All Hail Queen Lovato.

Anyone who knows me well enough will know that my number one girl crush, style crush and all round crush is Demi Lovato. Ever since she graced the Disney Channel with her role in Camp Rock, I have been OBSESSED with her. Not only is she exceptionally talented but I feel like she is a fantastic role model for girls of all ages, especially recently since she has spoken out about her personal issues and struggles which a lot of girls, including myself, have suffered from. Now, I could go on for hours on end about how amazing Miss Lovato is, but the main point of this post is her STYLE. I am completely in awe of Demi’s fashion sense and she is definitely my number one style icon. I constantly look to her for fashion guidance and new outfit ideas. 

Flashback to a few years ago and Demi’s style was very basic, she tended to stay away from colour and was often seen in dark clothes, with dark hair and very heavy makeup:

Only recently has she come into her own and really developed an amazing sense of style, sporting looks that are bang on trend. Here are a few of my recent favourites...

UGH LOOK AT HER. Flawlesss right? FLAWLESS.

Demi has got all of this seasons trends on point: the grunge glam look, winter florals, powerful prints, killer heals and lots and lots of leather! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Another thing that is so fabulous about Demi’s outfit choices recently is that a lot of them seem to be from the high street’s very own...Topshop! This is good news to any Demi style worshipers out there as we don’t have to fork out thousands of pounds for replica outfits when we can just pop into our nearest Topshop and pick up the same thing (for only a couple of hundred!) Alas, if you are a cash strapped student like me and can’t afford to go into topshop every couple of days to pick up a new Demi outfit, you can easily select things from your own wardrobe that mimic her style. I am constantly trying to emulate Demi’s style from clothes that I already own (and admittedly forget about!) Here are a few examples of Demi Lovato a la Suzy:

Finally, i'd like to mention This is a FANTASTIC website for helping you recreate not only Demi’s, but hundreds of other celebrities outfits, showing you where to buy them, how much they are, or similar items to help you imitate their style. The website seems to be down at the moment, but heres a link to their tumblr which showcases the same thing.

Thats all for now my lovelies, i’m off to flip my hair, be fierce and sing Demi Lovato songs into my hairbrush in front of the mirror...

Stay classy,
Suz x

ps, i'm a brunette now holllaaaa!


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