♡Posh meals // Tears // and Ice Cream on the Beach♡

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend went out to lunch at Jamie's Italian and boy oh boy was it good! The interior of the restaurant lovely, rustic italian with a contemporary twist, not to mention the food was delicious! I had grilled pork sausage flavoured with red wine & spices, served with sweet and sour peppers, chilli and garlic, while Kyle opted for spaghetti bolognese. We pretty much shared both of the meals and they were equally as delicious as each other. For dessert we had red berry trifle topped with glazed meringue, and hot fudge brownie with salted caramel popcorn and amaretto ice cream...PARTY IN MY MOUTH!! Everything was spectacular, although if I was to change one thing...i'd make the portion sizes a bit bigger!

Since the weather was nice, I got a chance to wear my new dungaree's. I teamed them with a striped mesh crop top and cute crochet lace up pumps, all from topshop.  

Dungarees//Crop top//Shoes

♡------------------------------------------ ♡

Today was quite a sad day for me. Pretty much all of my friends, my flatmates and my boyfriend are all starting to move home for summer, while i'm staying up in Aberdeen to work (crycrycry) and today was the day I had to say goodbye to Kyle. Even though I'll still be seeing him (and everyone else) loads over summer, it's the though of them not being 10 minutes down the road anymore thats hard :( Once we said our goodbyes, and I'd picked myself up off the floor after crying a river, my flatmate and I decided to head down to the beach for some ice cream-the weather was gorge, it would have been rude not too!

Top:Topshop//Jeans: Miss Selfridge

Until next time,
Stay classy

Suz x



  1. lovely photos - jamie's italian sounds amazinggg (especially the desserts!) Love both your outfits, the dungarees really suit you!

    bec X

  2. Hi, great post, love this! :)

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  3. Amazing pics - and I love your Topshop top!

    Tania x

  4. Oh my gosh your meal sounds so scrummy! Especially the popcorn, it's making my mouth water thinking about it!

  5. Such great photos and your outfit is so cute! xoxo



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