♡Halloween Fun: Pumpkin Carving ft Boyf♡

This time of year is my absolute favourite! Halloween marks the start of (dare I say it...) the Christmas countdown, which excites me SO much!!

This evening me and my boyfriend decided we'd get in the halloween spirit and carve some pumpkins in preparation for tomorrow. Can you believe in my whole 19 years of existence, this is the first time i've carved a pumpkin all by myself?! I think I did not bad a job for a beginner too! It was such a fun activity and the pumpkins look so fab sitting looking out of the window, especially when we turn the lights off and put candles in them...spooooky!

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow whatever you get up to! Happy Halloween!

p.s, who's pumpkin do you think turned out best?

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  1. Cool pumpkins, hope you had a fabulous Halloween ;), xoxo.


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