♡How I Cleared Up My Skin + Favourite Skincare Products♡

When I was in my first few years of high school, I desperately wanted to look "perfect"! From a very young age, i'd say about 11 or 12, I started to wear a full face of makeup everyday (how my mum let me away with it i'll never know!) but my problem was, I NEVER took it off properly. It was mostly due to laziness but also because I didn't have the correct products to remove it. Naturally, this had a HUGE effect on my skin, and ever since, I've suffered from acne like break outs, blackheads and oiliness.

It was only until I started university that I really developed a proper skin care routine. I was determined to clear up my horrid teenage skin and be able to feel confident without having to apply layer upon layer of foundation! This isn't a process that happened overnight, but I wanted to share my experience and a few tips and tricks that helped me clear up my skin for good!!

The first thing I did was make sure every last scrap of makeup was cleaned off my face every night before going to bed. I was relentless with this step! Even after stumbling in the door at 4am from a night out, I STILL made sure I took my war paint off! This small step itself started to make a huge difference to my skin and I began to notice less break-outs and less blackheads.

The next step was to find a range of skincare products that was going to nourish and protect my skin! This was a loooong process! I tried endless amounts of both high street and high end products and i'd say it wasn't until the beginning of this year that I found my perfect match.

A tip i'd recommend is to go to a high end skincare counter and speak to a consultant. Even if you're not planning on buying anything, it's likely that the person behind the counter will know what they are talking about and can give you an idea of what types of products will be good for your skin, and which products you should be avoiding.

The products pictured above are my current skin saviours! Especially the Origins Out of Trouble mask. I have never came across a product until now that shows results instantly. If you have oily, spot prone skin, this is for you!! Another favourite I've found is Anne French Deep Cleansing Milk. Only recently did I find out that this little gem existed so was shocked to discover that my mum used this when she was my age!! This stuff has no mercy! It gets rid of every bit of dirt and grime on the skin and moisturises in the process! perfect!

Another tip is to be persistent with your skincare regime. I cleanse and moisturise twice a day everyday, and do my Origins mask twice a week. Results are not going to appear overnight which I think is the reason people can get lazy and stop taking care of their skin. However if you are strict with yourself and follow a daily routine, I promise you'll see results!

The final tip I have for you is to try and go makeup-less AT LEAST once a week. Go one full day with no product on your face. Going makeup free allow your skin to naturally purify itself and let it BREATHE!!

I hope this post was somewhat helpful to those who are struggling with bad skin. I guarantee that if you find a routine that works for you and stick to it - you WILL see results!



  1. Great post! It's so important to have clear skin since it's the base of any makeup look! Nothing can beat a healthy natural look :)

    Would love if you check out my blog
    Raincouver Beauty

  2. Hi!!! I was looking for tips because I'm really interested in doing a course in fashion and design at Uni, but I don't think my parents are keen on the idea. I know it's my life, but I really want to make them happy. How can I compromise? xxx

    1. Hello!

      The only advice I can really offer is that it is ultimately your decision which has to be made by you and you only! If its fashion design you are interested in then definitely pursue it! There are a ton of courses out there which offer BA HONS in Fashion/Design and a lot of them include business or management modules which means you can ultimately take your degree anywhere you want!

      Perhaps sit down with your parents and have a look at courses together- look at what different universities are offering and discuss your options?

      Good luck, I hope all goes well!

      SuzyBlue xxx

  3. Happy solstice!!! x


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